HOw to get the beauty mindset

  1. Treat your body right with good, whole foods (that work for you!)

  2. Move your body (and give it time to rest)

  3. Build supportive, trustful, and joyful relationships (romantic and otherwise)

  4. Be grateful, every single day (even on the shittiest days there is always something to be grateful for)

 Beauty from head to toe.

Beauty from head to toe.

Why do you need the beauty mindset?

It transforms who you see in the mirror. It changes the energy of a room. It makes relationships more fulfilling than you could have ever imagined.

When you are eating satisfying foods, moving and resting your body, engaging in your relationships, and practicing gratitude you feel the beauty and strength in yourself and, therefore, can see it in others.

Have you ever gone on a run or to a yoga class, looked at another person and thought “I would never let my belly hang out like that” or “if I had a flat stomach like hers I would wear only my sports bra too”.

This is called comparison and it’s the Beauty Mindset’s kryptonite. It creates a headspace that changes your whole demeanor.

It even has the power to distort what you see in the mirror. Instead of seeing yourself, for who you are, you only judge yourself in reference to others.

You may think that this affects no one else. But it sets the baseline for how you interact with the world and the environments you create. Rather than seeing the strength and beauty in others and knowing your own, you are on high alert for flaws, comparisons, and “failures”.

The Beauty Mindset means you look at other women and you think or say “you go girl”. You feel joy at their success, beauty, and bravery.

This creates a community. Imagine if every time you walked into a room you were greeted with women smiling as you walked in, all thinking, “wow, that girl is gorgeous”... And they’re sending that energy to you.

Try to imagine how empowering that would feel for a second. That is the Beauty Mindset.

You go girl

Say it loud and proud.