Have you ever had a negative thought about your body?

Probably when you look in the mirror your eyes dart to the part of your body you wish there were less of. You think about that chick in yoga class who can rock the sports bra and has no belly rolls to speak of. 

This is called comparison. It creates a headspace that changes your whole demeanor.

It even has the power to distort what you see in the mirror. Instead of seeing yourself, for who you are, you only judge yourself in reference to everyone else. 

It weakens your ability to get strong and healthy (mentally and physically). It adds a slight fog to your day that you don't even notice because it is always there. And it leaches at the quality of your relationships.

You need the Beauty Mindset.

The Beauty Mindset transforms who you see in the mirror. It changes the energy of a room. It makes relationships more fulfilling than you could have ever imagined.

When you are eating satisfying foods, moving and resting your body, engaging in your relationships, and practicing gratitude you feel the beauty and strength in yourself and, therefore, can see it in others.

Plain and simple, it's the body you want and the mind you need to be happy, healthy, and confident.