Goat Yoga Fun


Do you ever feel unexcited about something that you should be excited about? Confession.

I dread teaching yoga.

As I drive there I wonder, is this worth it? Could I possibly enjoy something that I am dreading like this?

I immediately jump into the "why-do-I-feel-this-way" inquiry.

It always feels better to determine the root or cause of a problem, behavior, or feeling. Even if I don't know what to do next, just knowing I know why takes a little bit of the edge off.

But on this one, I was stuck stuck stuck. For months.

Then 2 weeks ago I was asked to teach Goat Yoga at Harvest Green in Richmond, TX. I was SO excited. I'd heard of it, seen videos, wanted to go, but not badly enough to travel to Albany, Oregon and wait my turn in line of 1,100...

The excitement quickly turned into stress about finding time to write the flow, coming up with the optimal poses for both goat and human pleasure, and making it to Richmond in time after work. I could feel anxiety and overwhelm about the whole ordeal starting to build.

How on earth could anyone get stressed about Goat Yoga? The whole idea is hilarious and should inspire anything but stress! I decided that my attitude towards this class was as ridiculous as Goat Yoga.

Then I chose to have fun with it.

I chose to stop stressing about optimal poses, perfect sequencing, and showing everyone what a good yoga teacher I am.

This was about the goats. And the attendees. It was about everyone getting to experience something completely unusual, fun, and downright funny.

My intention for the class was to have fun. Nothing profound. Nothing ground breaking.

I wanted everyone to experience yoga in this totally fun, un-intimidating, silly environment. To forget about bending your knee to a perfect 90 degree angle (like a "real" yogi) or the poses looking like that chic on Instagram.

I wanted to bring this intention into my teaching. So I stopped trying to get the sequence perfect and trying to prove to everyone that I am this great yoga teacher.

I am here to create space for the people in the class to take a break from their to-do lists, build mental and physical strength, become aware of their breath (probably for the first time all day), and slowwww downnnn.


Even on Mondays when there are no goats in the room and it's just me and 2-3 other people. And on Tuesdays when it's with the women at Santa Maria.


So what's the point? Have more fun. Period.

It took an absurd yoga class with adorable baby goats, multiple stops to clean up poop and pee off of Lululemon mats, and pool-party music that they couldn't seem to shut off in the yoga room to remind me that I don't have to take myself so seriously.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing and forget why we are doing it. The why is nearly always way more inspiring and meaningful than the what. The mechanics are important, but they are never more important than the purpose. I invite you to check out some of these adorable (and funny) photos of goats providing hands on assists during the yoga class.

I also invite you to find an area of your life that you think should enjoy, but dread going to. You might feel good afterwards, but on the way to do it you feel less than excited.


See if you can bring more fun into that area. See if you are getting so caught up in the what you are doing that why you are doing it has nearly been forgotten about.

This is game changing stuff.

Tell me which area it is for you and if this little mental switch helps you in anyway. I want to hear and I will respond :)

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Inhale, fill up your lungs... Exhale, open your mouth and make a goat sound.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 5.32.53 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 5.32.53 PM