I'm going crazy

I really might be. It was like one day I was fine and the next I wasn't.

I have been on this roller coaster before. The one where everyone is having a good time and the mess that I live in isn't bothering me. I seem to be able to go about my day unbothered by the abundance of dishes on the drying rack and in the sink, the suitcase from a weekend away that I am still living out of 2 weeks later, or overnight toiletry bags that are always on the bathroom sink.

Yeah, that doesn't bother me.

Until it does.

Then it really REALLY bothers me.

Zen Master Catie (what I like to ironically call myself in times like this), it's in your head. This is an external circumstance and if you could just create calm in your mind, the outer chaos will be totally manageable.


This place that I am spending most of my sleeping hours and a good deal of my waking hours feels like a distant relatives place that has never heard of a vacuum before. It's really sad when you feel like you have to wear shoes in your own "home" because you your feet will get dirty. #gross.

Just writing this is getting me all riled up!

I am reminiscing about my minimizing days... When I was inspired by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus to start weeding the excess out of my life. My boyfriend thought this was hilarious and never missed a chance to say, "what if you need that at some point down the line?". At which point I would mentally create a scenario where I would be devastated to have relinquished this item.

I have reached a point where I need to do this again.

I go through phases where I can just plow through life, going to work, exercising, eating, cooking, sleeping and not too conscious of the environment around me. I stop thinking about my home as a special place where I sleep and recharge.

Why is this important? Why should you or anyone care about creating your home space to be neat, organized, and sacred?

Because you are up to something important.

Whether it's your current job, the job you are trying to get, your volunteer work, getting healthy, family that you are taking care of, your own business, or a new or old relationship you want to be fabulous for, you have important shit to do!

I wanted to believe that hey, I'm too busy to take the extra 10 minutes to wash the dishes or create any semblance of order. Truth is that I cannot be the best health coach, employee, friend, or girlfriend that I can be when I'm not taking ownership over what I can control... And that is the quality of my living space.

If you ever find yourself in a state of overwhelm, anxiety, and just in a funk that you cannot shake off... Look around you. Look at the place where you are supposed to be recharging and resetting... Maybe it's not doing either of those things at all.

So what do you do?

Start with 1 place first.

*Advice credit to this gal I call mom, others call Nancy.

Pick ONE spot that you want to be excited to go into and use. Think of this place as a vehicle for your success. It's not just a room that you sleep in, cook in, or lounge in. It's your space. You and it deserve to be treated like a sanctuary.

I'm starting with my kitchen.

Confession, I have a kitchen only a resident could love. I am very endeared to it. I am going to clean my kitchen, right now, and share the results with you. I am feeling pretty blue and down and have a MILLION other things to do... And I know that prioritizing this is going to create space for my brain to say ahhhh.




So I feel like I just took care of myself. Like I was camping for 3 months with no access to soap or running water, and I have taken that first, hot shower. Like a new woman.

I'm happier, calmer, and I have just made space to do something great. Like write this blog post, get prepped for goat yoga (yes, I am teaching goat yoga on Saturday evening), and enjoy my day off of work.

Probably my favorite part of this 1.5 hr cleaning spree was organizing my pantry. I love opening a pantry door and seeing all of my healthy items first! I hide those delicious, craving inducing chocolates, chips, and other treats out of eye's view. And I keep my tea section looking as pretty as a supermarket. Who doesn't love a beautifully laid out selection of teas? Rhetorical question, no need to answer....


Here is a Healthy Pantry guide to get your pantry organized for aesthetics and, more importantly, healthy choices :) I would love to hear what you thought of the guide (and if you have any tips or strategies to share! Let me know :)

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And here is a podcast from my Digestible of the Week that goes along with this topic perfectly :)