When you give 2 weeks notice


2 weeks ago, I gave my 2 weeks notice. Holy shit.

You might be thinking no big deal. To me, it was.

Deciding to leave my 9-5, stable, well-paid, engineering job is nothing short of extraordinary.

I wasn't happy there... For a while. Every day I spent 8-9 hours unfulfilled and unhappy for an amazing salary, an "intelligent sounding" job title, relatively easy hours (longish commute), and a sit-stand desk in a building of windows and free coffee.

This worked for a couple of years, because I had my "side-hustle(s)" (CC Wellness and Spread the Health) that allowed me to have the type of impact that I wanted to see in the world.

At the same time, I put a huge amount of pressure on one of my my side-hustles, CC Wellness, to be my escape. I thought that if I keep pushing, working late, writing newsletters, and doing workshops that one day in the very near future it would all come together and CC Wellness could be my full-time work.

Then a few Mondays ago I was giving myself the same pep-talk I always do on Monday mornings.

"Change your attitude, Catie.

This job can be rewarding and fulfilling if you change your mindset.

Put your phone away, stop looking at Instagram and getting jealous of the food bloggers and travelers who seem to live in this world where a paycheck doesn't matter.

Stop eating chocolate. You're just using junk food to entertain you because you're bored.

Start talking about your work like you actually like it and then maybe you will a little bit."

I am all for the power of positive thinking, and I was tired of this weekly BS.

Luckily, I called one of my most phenomenal gal pals and, through some some tears, delivered my latest and greatest "I'm stuck" speech.

And she said to me, "Catie, it's like you keep dry humping your boyfriend. Just take your pants off and do the damn thing".

This girl has a knack for analogies. Not only did this crack me up, but I realized that I was just teasing myself with thoughts of having a job that I love and waiting for the yellow-brick-road opportunity so I knew that I was on the exact right path.

Turns out, clean, neat, yellow paths don't really exist. Well, they do. I was on it, and it wasn't making me as happy as I thought it would.

I expected something to change but wasn't doing anything differently.

I wanted to....

  1. Eat earlier than 8:30pm every night
  2. Not have to pack my car full with a day's worth of clothes and food
  3. Work on something during the prime hours of my day that was putting more of what I wanted to see into the world
  4. Feel like my job gave me energy, not just took it
  5. And to stop beating myself up at night for "not getting enough done"... ever.

That day, after my friend told me to pull down my pants, I started applying to jobs that even smelled a little bit like what I wanted to do.

I applied to 5 jobs before the day was over. And within a week, I had an email from Pondicheri Bake Lab.

I went in for an interview, a test run, and then I was hired.

The pay is 1/3 of what I used to make. It is in an industry that I have zero training in. And somehow it felt so right I couldn't imagine saying no. So I said yes.

Is this scary? Hells yes.

Is it going to be hard? Undoubtedly.

Some days, am I going to wish that I had kept my salary job with paid vacation? Damn straight.

And I have taken a step in the right direction.

When I stopped looking for the "destination" and got focused on the next step, I felt powerful. Like I am strong enough to handle this.

So here I am, 3 days into my new job at Pondicheri Bake Lab. My feet are sore, my hair smells like spices, and I am happy exactly where I am.


I'm ready to learn and grow at Pondicheri while I continue to work on CC Wellness and Spread the Health.

This time it's only because I genuinely love to. Not because it has to save me.

I am not pining for the next thing or wondering if I will ever have a "big break". I am on the right path.

And I know exactly what to do to make this transition a million times easier.

To be continued....

Spread the Health HQ-6976 3
Spread the Health HQ-6976 3

PS: If you are in Houston, or plan on traveling to it, come visit me at Pondicheri Bake Lab! Right above the restaurant.

Or if you're in the North East check out their NY location! Just recently opened up!