Fun gifts for foodies

img_20151207_175112066I just completed the 30-day minimizing challenge. Okay, I made it to 24 days. But I am now in a different headspace about my objects. I see them less as these things that I need to hold onto "just in case" and more for the purpose that they actually serve.

I cleared out a bunch of things in my home that I never use (wish I had done this before moving).

I have a pile to donate, sell, and toss (the pile got so big of toss that I had to actually start throwing in away).

With all of this space in my apartment, I am excited to have to deal with less clutter. It felt like I not only decluttered my apartment, but also my brain.

I am super excited for the objects that just sit in my home and collect dust can be truly utilized and appreciated by someone else.

But this brought about some anti-holiday feelings for me... I don't want any gifts... Anything else that would "clutter" this space that I have spent the past month decluttering!

With this thought, I wanted to think of some gifts that could really serve a purpose.

Gifts that are thoughtful because you believe that this person would enjoy and get use out of this item.

If you have a foodie, a health conscious person in your life, or someone who is working on getting aligned with their health, I have some super fun holiday gift ideas for you.


Read left to right on the top row and then #4 starts on the bottom. 


#1: Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

($5.54 on Amazon)

Would ya look at that? Doesn't get much cooler that this. 8 tools in one!

I am salivating at the thought of my measuring cups, lemon juicer, grater, and tough lid opener (they take up SO much space) being housed in this one, compact little place.

#2: Hydroflask

($39.95 on Amazon for the 32 oz)

The ultimate hydration vessel.

This bad boy keeps your beverages cold FOREVER and comes in a variety of sizes for whatever your recipients thirst needs.


#3: Lekue Steamer

($22.50 on Amazon)

This is a lifesaver in a pinch. It also got me through college. The cookbook it comes with is pretty sweet too. You can even cook plant based items in a jiff. Highly recommend for a college student or someone who is highly skilled with a microwave.


#4: Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook

($12.19 on Amazon)

I wish I was clever enough to have come up with this title (especially since my name starts with a C, like both chocolate and covered!).

Anyway, this gal is amazing. Her recipes are simple, delicious, and healthy. Great for anyone who has a sweet tooth and is also looking to make healthier choices.

#5: Oh She Glows Everyday

($15.69 on Amazon)

I am the BIGGEST Oh She Glows fan girl. Or so I like to claim. This book is jam packed with outstanding plant-based dishes that even your carnivores will hate to love. The book is a pleasure to gaze upon and even better, the recipes are to die for.