The most delicious health food: Smoothies


FREE Smoothie Workshop at Salento Bistrot on Sunday, December 4.


Workshop topics:

1: Why you have cravings and how to handle them... healthily.

2: How to create the perfect smoothie to start your morning or keep you satisfied in the afternoon. 

3: Free samples of my newest and favorite smoothies. 

4: Free take-home so that you can build the perfect smoothie on your own! 

5: Just a crap ton of fun. 


I hope to see you and your friends there :D

More on smoothies...

"Smoothies" is my favorite food group.

Wait, that's not a food group.

But it should be.

If I were to help out with My Plate, it would look something like this.


I am sure that I will be contacted soon to help with the revamp. :P

Smoothies are pretty in right now. And for good reason.

Why you should consider making smoothies a big (or even little!) part of your plan:

#1: They eliminate cravings. This is because they are like a BIG multivitamin and packed with nutrients.

#2: They are quick and easy to make and eat on the go (WAY cheaper to make at home on your own).

#3: They are absolutely delicious (if you are in the stage where your smoothies taste like dirt, don't worry there's a recipe below).



*Too funky of colors? Let me know. Playing around with different styles.