The Ultimate Anti-Craving Night Cap

dsc_0914After a long day of work and probably a later-than-you-would-like dinner, maybe you crave something sweet... I'm not talking about an apple or strawberries....

You're thinking chocolate, cookies, ice cream, you know, the stuff that grows on trees.

Besides that they all contain sugar and caffeine which affects your ability to sleep, they are really not adding any nutrition to your body.

And they are generally not aligned with your health goals.


Story of my life.

This week I have been feeling that a bunch! Which inspired me to find a new way to end my evening.

A way that told my digestive system that business was closed for the day.

I realized that this feeling of needing something sweet after a meal is just "mouth hunger".


What is mouth hunger?

This means that your body is really digging all of the serotonin (aka happy hormone) that your brain is getting from the food that you are eating.

As a pleasure seeking organ, it asks for more. Hence the sweet cravings.

This crave stave night cap will....

  1. Take you approximately 2.5 minutes to make *super simple

  2. Keep your mouth from getting into trouble

  3. Relax your mind

  4. Settle your stomach

  5. Prepare you for a deliciously restful night sleep


Ginger Mint Teadsc_0899



2-inch piece ginger root

5-6 leaves fresh mint

1 mug full almost-boiling water


Get your water to just about a boil (via tea kettle or ~2 minutes in the microwave)

Cut the skin off of your ginger root and cut into little 1/2 in cubes

*this increases surface area of the ginger so you get maximum flavor and nutrients dissolved into the water.

Place your ginger cubes and whole, fresh, rinsed mint leaves in the boiling or semi boiling water.

Let steep for 3-5 minutes. Sip and enjoy.

*Don't be afraid to eat those delicious mint leaves! The ginger might be intense... I wouldn't chomp on those.

Additional Benefits & Healing Properties


  • Gingerol: the oily residue from the root that has IMMENSE anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Increases digestion and relieves nausea
  • Promotes nutrient absorption
  • Relieves pain *try rubbing the essential oil onto sore muscles!
  • Relaxes


  • There are 13-18 different types of mentha to choose from (WHOA!)
  • Increases digestion and relieves nausea
  • Can heal and soothe burns
  • Relaxes

Warm Tea

  • What your body actually needs after a meal to assimilate all of the nutrients. Not a dessert.
  • A chance to slow down, relax
  • Soothing elixir for the stomach
  • Increased digestion leads to better sleep
  • A chance to sit and sip with a loved one
  • A warm, calming sensation perfect for bedtime


Give yourself a little tea time tonight.

After dinner, brew up some Ginger Mint Tea to

honor your body and not your cravings,

give your body what it really needs,

slow down,

and prepare for a night of restorative sleep.