#19: Idea muscles


In the last month I have felt very confronted by money. My usual way of dealing with it, number crunching and worrying, wasn't helping.

I decided I needed to do something different because things in my life were popping up and I felt unequipped to handle them in the way that I like to handle everything.... Very informed.IMG_20160505_204228087.jpg

I discussed these woes and quandaries with one of my favorite people in Houston, Jimmy. He gifted me the book Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth by James Altucher. James is a business man and he has started and run over 20 companies. He has failed, succeeded, and sold companies for some handsome sums. Pretty cool dude. Also a very entertaining, fun style of writing.

I am only a couple chapters in and have already picked up one of my new FAVORITE daily habits.

Write 10 ideas/day.

Good or bad.

Business related or not.

Just write them down! Anywhere.

He uses a waiter’s pad. I started a google doc. Whatever works for you!

He compares writing down 10 ideas/day to training for a marathon. You need to get your mind trained for “race day” or when you really need to be creative.

For example: I’m stuck at the Dixie Chicks Concert in the Woodlands. Oh my. My phone died, there are no Ubers available, and I think there was meat in my vegetarian tacos so I am not feeling so hot. What is a girl to do?

Plan A: Ask your friend to get an Uber… Stat.

Plan B: Okay, friend has disappeared. Crap. I don’t have her number. Double crap. Scream her name! 

Plan C: Ooo, I see some “height-sy” looking folks! Me: Folks, are you perchance taking that Uber downtown? Folks: Why yes, yes we are. Me:Want to split? Folks: Certainly! Me: Would you mind if I used your FB account to locate my lost friend?My phone died and I miraculously know how to spell her fake Facebook name. Folks: Sure!

While you may think this is a weird/silly/stupid example it just illustrates James’s idea that when you exercise your idea muscle you are able to use it ANYWHERE. For those little instances when things just seem to be falling apart and those big, potentially life changing situations when you are looking to start a business, propose to a lady (or a man!), get yourself out of a pickle, or impress your co-workers with some ingenuity!

I LOVE this idea. It's inspirational, right? Since I have been doing this (two days :P) I have had a blast! It is so interesting how after idea number 5 you’re in Uhmmm Land... You just gotta push through it. That’s where you start getting those muscles that you’re proud to flex in front of all of your friends.

Here are 10 of my ideas:

  1. Spread the Health as a Leadership Program and a nonprofit. Using crowdfunding to fund project.
  2. Spread the Health: Funding via .5-1% of WF, HEB, and/or Kroger’s produce sales
  3. Sell some work clothes ($20/blazer, $15 pants, and $5-10 for shirts)
  4. Crowdfund for the remaining funds for Spread the Health
  5. Create website/database with favorite podcasts separated in categories
  6. Vegan sweet potato cinnamon rolls!
  7. “Podcast Club”… Like a book club!
  8. Host plant-based cooking class parties
  9. Keep track of the podcasts I listen to and write down what I got out of it
  10. Keep your blog posts short and sweet so that you can focus on your health course!

There you have it folks. None of these are Einstein status AND they got my brain juices flowing.

PS: I did some further reading after I wrote this rough draft and guess what James says... Don't be stingy with your ideas. Give them away for free! There are always more of them. You don't want to develop a "scarcity complex" around your ideas.

Guess what I did? I perused my list and only put what I thought were my rather mundane ideas. LAME!

Here's a screenshot of my actual 2 days of work. #dontjudgeialreadyam

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 8.40.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 8.41.02 PM

Okay, you can stop laughing now. I know it's funny that I thought some of these were any good. haha.