#2: Time to get healthier this year!

Hey there. As promised in my #1: It's never too late to set a New Year's resolution post, I want to share with you why I am extremely passionate about health and happiness, how and why this will help you, and how I envision these posts will look moving forward.

Why is health so important to me?

I had all of the external signals that my life is going great. I grew up in a neighborhood-y working middle-class town, went to a private high school, had jobs and made some money, went to a great college for practically free, was a good runner, made good grades, had internships and travelled, had great family, great friends, and a great longterm boyfriend. But I was just a friggin mental mess. I was always in my head, always analyzing things to a nub which resulted in a terrible sense of self-confidence and self-worth. I was never able to see all of the things that I had with gratitude, but constantly comparing myself to others and questioning whether or not this thing is actually good or if I should be striving for something better. 

As a result, I experienced rocky relationships, saw myself as unattractive, weak, and unintelligent. I numbed the negative feelings I had towards myself by replacing them with equally shitty feelings of gluttony and I often times felt… miserable.

It was through learning about health in a whole new way, via food, relationships, spirituality, passion, and physical activity that I was able to discover who I truly was; a person with incredible drive and vigor for life, who is deeply sensitive and easily excited and inspired! A girl who loves to run for the physical release, mental zen, and community. A foodie who was CRAVING compassion, for myself, the environment, and other living beings. A meditator who loves the Buddhist way of thinking and feels inspired by Dharma.

I want this for everyone. I want everyone to experience their true, best selves. While you may not have experienced exactly what I have, I truly believe that enhancing your health (through physical activity, food, relationships, passion and spirituality!) you can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Look at these beauties!? How could they not change your life?

What can going into 2016 with a healthy mindset do for you?

A healthy mind is a clear-thinking, productive mind. So pretty much, ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

Want to lose a couple of pounds? You can do it.

Want to deepen your relationship with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, sibling? You can do that too.

Want feel energized by your passions? What it is that you truly love and how you make a difference in this world? Oh yeah, for sure you can do that.

Not sure what your passions are? Oh, fear not my friend, a healthy body and mind can figure that out too.

Want to get to know yourself? What makes you tick? What is going on in that noggin of yours and why? A healthy body and mind is the first step.

After completing my first half ironman in June 2015... Was always goal that seemed so out of reach as a not-so-enthused swimmer and a less than swift biker... but I had a new mindset (and a great cheering section, thanks Dad)

How can we expect these weekly posts to look?

Every Monday I am going to post a health tip encompassing one or more of the aspects that I believe are essential to health and happiness. These areas are:

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Food
  3. Relationships
  4. Passion
  5. Spirituality

I want these to be a tool for all of us to learn, experiment, discuss, and most importantly, grow and expand to become our happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled selves. Through my own personal journey I have found...

  • Food more delicious and nourishing (both physically and emotionally).
  • Fitness at a level I never dreamed possible.
  • Relationships incredibly mutually honest,authentic, and enriching.
  • Challenges I couldn’t have imagined I would ever pursue or possibly overcome.
  • A connection to myself that while still developing and growing, changes the way that I interact with the world and see myself and others.

...and this has all translated into happiness in a way that I have never experienced before.

I want to share my journey in hopes that it contributes to your journey, in some way, shape, or form. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing someone find themselves through health. I can promise that it will be rewarding, interesting, shocking, fun, and sometimes scary but that is why I need your support, questions, and engagement. Let’s grow together.

Looking forward to 2016, a year of change, new things, and ADVENTURE!