#1: It's never too late for New Year's resolutions

Why set a New Year’s Resolution?

Isn't a resolution kind of just a fancy word for a goal that we like to throw around exclusively on December 31 and maybe for some of January? For me, the word resolution often carries the connotation of no follow-through. If you asked me what my resolutions were last year I would shrug my shoulders. I know I set them, because I love that stuff... but I have zero memory of what I said I would do (which pretty much means I for sure didn't do it). A goal, however, is something that I see myself CONSTANTLY working towards, day in and day out.

The reasons for setting a resolution, following it or not are somewhat different for everyone, but most of us have a lot of overlap in why we are not achieving our New Year’s Goals. If you are making New Year’s resolutions for 2016, I am going to try some of these tactics so that I never lose sight of my goals (aka resolutions) day after day, week after week, and month after month.

How to maintain sight of my New Year's GOALS

  1. Make it a daily habit and determine HOW! This is no time to be vague or mysterious.
  2. Don’t make resolutions about things that you should do, know WHY! It is the why that actually holds you to it.
  3. Have others hold you accountable (inspire others to join you!)
  4. Keep a journal to track progress . Seriously guys, do not underestimate the power of a 5 minute journal sesh.
  5. Limit yourself to 1-3 goals . This way you will have better focus and be less likely to feel overwhelmed.
  6. Resolutions (or goals) can be made any time of year… If you don’t think of a good one until March, that’s no big deal! It is never to late to start.

My 2016 GOALS

  1. Get back to meditating daily

    • Why? Because I should. WRONG! Because it provides me with a period of time where I am perfectly quiet… When I can check in with how I am actually feeling (not trying to do that amidst the day-to-day activities) and set a daily intention to powerfully enter my day.
    • How? I will wake up 15 minutes earlier to make sure I cannot use the "I don't have time" excuse (It is most definitely my favorite one).
  2. Get rid of things in my wardrobe, room, and kitchen that I have but do not use. What stuff do I not actually need but I am just holding onto?

    • Why? “Stuff” can really make me feel weighed down. I hate a mess and I know I hold onto sh%t that I NEVER use. Getting rid of this stuff (via donation or selling) will make my space feel cleaner, minimal, and will give my brain one less thing to think about.
    • How? I will start Monday, January 11 with my closet. Will schedule future cleanings afterwards (just put it in my Google Calendar).
  3. Commit to posting healthy tips on my blog every week in the efforts of gaining at least 5 new blog followers/week.

    YIKES! This one is particularly scary for me because I now have lots of accountability...

    • Why? I feel like it is time for me to step up to the plate and make a well-defined commitment. No more hiding behind I'm “too busy”s when it comes to something that I love and am super passionate about. This is the first step in consistently sharing how health and wellness has dramatically and impacted my life and how it can similarly impact yours (you can help me fulfill my New Year’s resolution by clicking here and clicking "Follow" on the right had side of the page :P)
    • How? Set weekly reminders on Monday mornings to post!

Please TELL US...

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Why are you choosing to work towards them? Bonus: you will get accountability instantaneously by posting.:)

Unsure of where to start? Need a coach? A cheerleader? Help getting organized or developing a plan to get started? Email me health4urhappiness@gmail.com