i'm just getting started


Take two. This will be my second attempt at writing a blog and hopefully will be drastically more successful (and by successful, I mean more than one post). If you are looking for a good laugh, check out my first attempt from 2013: freeze it... i'll eat it. Yes, that was seriously the name. The idea was that I would gather my own data and reviews on my favorite food, ice cream, and that somehow this would be a "creative outlet". I had a whopping 34 page views (thanks Aunt Karen!)... Now that I've gotten that off of my chest, time to look onward! If you are thinking, "what on earth could some chick living in Houston, TX working for an oil and gas company have to share that is at all interesting or unique?", well then, get in line. But what I want to share are snippets of interesting information that have made me feel happy in some way, shape, or form.

Happiness is one of the most important things in life. And I don't mean happiness like constantly smiling and laughing all the time or whistling while you work.  I'm talking about the mental state of happiness. Often times, we attach happiness to tangible things, achievements, or life events. For instance, if only I get this promotion I will make more money then I can buy that new dress and wear it to that party and then I'll meet prince charming. So when those things actually happen, I would get to feel happy... yay! But for an undetermined length of time. I would probably then find myself making yet another list of what things I would need to be happy. Unfortunately, many of us have this list in our head. Let's be honest. Even if we do feel happy, there is always that itemized checklist in the back of our heads that wants more.

So how do we find happiness? That happiness that is deep in our core and is attached to more than just some list of outside circumstances that we generally have very minimal control over? I believe that we find that through our health. And I mean an all encompassing health including our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Alright, now I'm getting excited because I have great news! We are all control of our own happiness. Say what? Yes. I want to share all of the different things in life that I believe drive and cultivate happiness. The things that I want to share are what get me the most excited (hence happy) in life. They include, but are not limited to:


1: Food

I love food. A lot. Since I became a vegan, my longest lasting and best dietary/lifestyle change that I have ever made, I have become even more interested in what food can do for our bodies, athletic endeavors, and happiness. I want to share recipes, fun nutrition tidbits, and some kitchen hacks because to be perfectly frank, I am a bit of a lazy cook.


 2: Activity

Running, biking, swimming, yoga-ing, roller skating, running, and... running. I believe that an active lifestyle is an essential part of our overall wellness (including the mind and body). I know that I'm not alone. Even during those periods of time where getting out of bed and getting sweaty might be the last thing I want to do, deep down inside I know that it has the power to set the tone for my whole day. I want to share how I set athletic/fitness goals, follow-through on them, and make it a fun, social, and rewarding.


3: Spirituality

This is a topic that can make people want to shut their laptops and stop reading. To that I say hear me out. Spirituality has gotten me through some very tough times and has patiently waited even when I have ignored it. When I come back, I always find something richer than expected. It is now part of my daily routine and I am always looking for education on how I can better learn about it to improve my practice and life. On spirituality I will share my journey and all of the different techniques, words of wisdom, and daily reminders that allow me to have a calm and happy mind (most of the time, like I said it's a journey :P ).


4: Inspiration

Being inspired has to be one of the most electric, enjoyable sensations one can experience. I would say that it is similar to finishing a big race, or doing something awesome at work, or meeting someone very special. The feeling of empowerment after an informative podcast, a well-thought-out article, a TedTalk, or an encounter with an interesting person is absolutely energizing. I have a pretty amazing repertoire of podcasts that I listen to daily. To me it is like a daily vitamin, I always try to get one in before work to keep me informed, interested, and motivated.

I think that about covers it. Ah, except the last and largest reason for this blog: I want help others. I want to share all of these things that I feel have transformed my life for the better (more in-depth explanation of that to come in future posts). No more keeping all of this amazing knowledge to myself. Look forward to learning and sharing happiness together! Stay tuned :)

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