What to do with leftover cookies

I tried to make these "healthy" cookies the other week with leftover almond meal from homemade almond milk. They turned out like... shit. Excuse my language.

I kept them in the fridge for over a week... Unwilling to bring them to a party and be rid of them forever or attempt to enjoy one.

Since I had used some of my more expensive ingredients (cacao nibs and almond meal) I couldn't bare to throw them away.

So I made some Cookie Truffles dipped in a coconut hazelnut ganache.

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I can't keep ice cream in the freezer

But I cannot seem to have that dangerously tantalizing pint chilling in my freezer. I forget about it for the majority of my day... Until after dinner...

I innocently open the freezer for some ice and there it is!

Do you ever crave something sweet after dinner? And that little something turns into more than you had anticipated... Like the Girl Scout cookies you bought to "support your friend's kid" are now in danger of disappearing without a trace?

Then you have to explain to your roommate, spouse, kids, or significant other where they went. You might lie and say that you threw half of them out because they were stale. I know your games.

If you would like to stop the cycle of laying in bed at night, wishing that you had foregone the sweets and promising that it will be different tomorrow, read on.

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3 Mental Shifts for a Healthy Body

I used to picture healthy as a girl with a toned mid section, bright red lipstick, and perfect skin smiling while she attractively pretends to bite into a piece of celery. And my thoughts stopped there.

In reality, I always knew that health has to do with so much more. But there are still times when I cannot help but picture that slim, well exercised, and salad loving girl as the ideal of health.

It took an eating disorder, personal development courses, and a health coaching certification to understand that a truly healthy body cannot be achieved without a mental shift.

If you feel stuck in your non-healthy eating routine, like you have no time to think about exercise, or you are still beating yourself up for those last few pounds you have to lose before swimsuit season, please read on.

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Goat Yoga Fun

Do you ever feel unexcited about something that you should be excited about? Confession.

I dread teaching yoga.

As I drive there I wonder, is this worth it? Could I possibly enjoy something that I am dreading like this?

I immediately jump into the "why-do-I-feel-this-way" inquiry.

It always feels better to determine the root or cause of a problem, behavior, or feeling. Even if I don't know what to do next, just knowing I know why takes a little bit of the edge off.

But on this one, I was stuck stuck stuck. For months.

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I'm going crazy

I really might be. It was like one day I was fine and the next I wasn't.

I have been on this roller coaster before. The one where everyone is having a good time and the mess that I live in isn't bothering me. I seem to be able to go about my day unbothered by the abundance of dishes on the drying rack and in the sink, the suitcase from a weekend away that I am still living out of 2 weeks later, or overnight toiletry bags that are always on the bathroom sink.

Yeah, that doesn't bother me.

Until it does.

Then it really REALLY bothers me.

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