Engineer to Holistic Health Coach and Indian Bakery chef, runner, blogger, yogi, smoothie enthusiast, and podcast fan girl.


For most of my adult life I thought that being healthy was all about being skinny.

I would overeat junk food, punish myself with exercise, and never miss a chance in front of the mirror to find something about my body that was fat.

I constantly tried to do what I thought was healthy, but I always failed. 

I spent years in this mildly pissed off state. As you can imagine, this wasn’t so great for my relationships. I took out my lack of confidence and frustrations on my parents, friends, and college boyfriend.

So much energy was used striving for everyone’s approval and admiration. I got an engineering degree to prove that I was smart, got a big salary job to prove that I was successful, and spent so much time worrying about my never-skinny-enough belly so that guys would find me attractive and women would envy me.

I needed all of this approval, attention, and love because I didn’t give any of those things to myself.

Then I started eating what I knew was healthy (which is pretty much as unprocessed as possible). Now that my body wasn’t so busy trying digest all of the toxins I used to feed it, I had energy to pursue a new career, start a business, form fulfilling relationships, volunteer, and, for the first time in my life, feel truly beautiful.

Eating better foods, being around people who supported me, and getting in the right mindset about my body changed my life for the better.

I want every woman to experience their life in a body that they feel confident, happy, and beautiful in.

What I really wanted for my body was more than just eating right and exercising. It was the beauty mindset