Hey there, my name is Catie. 

I was born in Roselle Park, NJ & now live in Houston, TX. A chemical engineering degree & an oil & gas job brought me down south in 2014 & in April 2017 I chose to explore a career in food & holistic health. 

As a person who very heavily relied on approval & admiration, it was not an easy move. I knew that I couldn’t stay, but what would I move to that wouldn’t look like a downgrade? Or just another millennial abandoning all responsibilities? I searched the answers by filling my calendar & started to teach cooking classes, write a blog, become certified as a Holistic Health Coach, get my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification, practice Reiki, take personal development courses & read/listened to countless books to find what I was “missing”. 

Almost 3 years later I have arrived at food. I have stopped (for the most part) trying to prove myself & instead follow my curiosities, use my hands & place more value on experience than a piece of paper.

I now work as the front of house manager at Pondicheri Bake Lab + Shop, a job that keeps me on my toes, inspired & immersed in the possibilities creating amazing food. I have had the opportunity to help start & maintain their online recipe hub & coordinate bi-monthly cooking classes. AKA a dream job. 

On my own I am an everyday student of plant-based cuisine. I cook for myself, my friends, teach cooking classes, run Spread the Health, cater private events & work with individuals & groups to understand & overcome their cravings. 

If you would like to collaborate or are interested in chatting send me an email, I would love to hear from you. 

Hope that we get to cook together :) 


Harvest Green — Houston area's first development centered around a community farm.

Modern B&BUnique, cozy & homey bed & breakfast. You won't find a more personal experience anywhere in town. 

Santa Maria Hostel — Addiction, recovery, housing, prevention & intervention programs for women & their children. 

Brigid's Hope — Provides housing, mentoring, spiritual support & other relevant resources to women over 35 who are in transition from incarceration to self-sufficiency. 

The Beacon Day Center — Provides hot lunches, access to showers & laundry services to those in need in Houston.

B.O.S.S Bar — Raw, superfood bars designed with 100% real & recognizable ingredients.