About Us

Located in Houston, Texas, Spread the Health empowers women in recovery to see health as their most powerful tool to accomplish their goals. Participants have the opportunity to engage in weekly yoga & a variety of holistic health workshops focused on body image, relaxation & hands on kitchen & lifestyle skills.

For women in recovery, healthy eating is seen as a luxury. It is seemingly impossible in their current situation & unimportant when they graduate from their programs. Their bodies are plagued by extra pounds, nutrient deficiency, and insecurities.

It leaches at their quality of life by affecting the relationship with their bodies, their environment, and the people most important to them. With access to consistent education, skill development & confidence in their ability to listen & take care of their bodies, their lifetime journey becomes easier. 

Spread the Health creates ease, calm & fun for the women embarking on addiction recovery programs while empowering them to look at their health holistically.